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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Adding a flutter sleeve to the Brownie Goose Tilly

This mama loves a flutter sleeve on just about anything! So, when I first got my hands on Brownie Goose's Lazy Susan pattern (which by the way is great too!) I knew I had to try adding her flutters to the Tilly. I started with the flutter from the Lazy Susan Pattern in my daughters size (2/3 at this time). The first Tilly I made with a flutter (in ivory linen above) I used the full size flutter from the Lazy Susan pattern and it was quiet large and hard to stuff in there. So, for the next ones I started with the Lazy Susan flutter but trimmed it down ¾” around the curved edge keeping the full length. I found this a little easier to work with on such a small top. If you are making a larger size Tilly a larger flutter would probably be much easier to handle. Feel free to get creative and use fun fabrics on the underside of your flutter too! Sew your flutters right sides together along the curved edge, then flip and press. Run a gathering stitch along the straight edge.

I then pin my flutters to the right side of the bodice- right sides facing. I stitch these in place before placing the lining of my bodice on top just to make it easier on myself. I just “eyeball” the flutters in place trying to get the ends to match up across the front.

Once you’ve stitched in place you are going to want to PIN PIN PIN to keep them out of the way while attaching your bodice and lining pieces together. As much as I try I almost always catch some little tiny piece along the way!

Stitch around the edges per pattern instruction and then flip and admire your beautiful flutters- or grab your seam ripper to fix the places you caught your flutters!

Then finish off the pattern to your liking with either an open or closed back!

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