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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Adding a contrasting fabric to the Brownie Goose Tilly

Another way I like to change up the Tilly pattern by Brownie Goose is by adding a contrasting fabric. Start by cutting out your bodice pieces per pattern. Take your front pattern piece and trim out the area you wish to replace with a contrasting fabric. Use this as a “pattern” to cut out your contrasting fabric adding enough for a seam allowance. You can also do this with your pattern piece so you aren’t “wasting” your good fabric.

Lay it out and then flip the sides right sides together and pin in place.

 Sew along the outer edges and then press open (sorry this picture already has the flutter sleeves attached!) Now is the perfect time to add lace or any other embellishments before attaching your bodice and lining together per pattern.
This is a great place to get creative- you can add contrasting fabrics, pleat them, add ruffles, lace, buttons, etc. Have fun!!!


  1. Love ur blog! Just discovering it and LOVE it! how do I sign up to receive your blog post?

    1. Thanks! I just added a little bar under the header so you can sign up for an email notification once a new post is published : )